Lonely Specks

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Lonely Specks    

DUFY LOCH—the beautiful 18-year-old daughter of bohemian, neglectful parents—escapes her fractured family to the East Coast to pursue her dream of becoming a modern dancer. She meets an older man named Bruce whose break with reality leaves her riddled with grief…

Shellie Leger lives in West Paris, ME.  She has short-stories published in a variety of small literary magazines, Spectrum and Hacks,to name a couple, and has completed two novels--Lonely Specks and The Treadwell P
lace. Her third novel, Back Kingdom is in the works.These three novels comprise a trilogy called Fairy Shrimp Trilogy. She has also written a play, Old Women two screen-plays, Grace and Jake and Rosie, a collection of short stories, Walking Fish, and an opera, Trailer Park Rhapsody.  

Shellie has studied under a variety of published authors, including Lisa Borders (Cloud Cuckoo Land and Fifty-First State) and Ellen Litman (The Last Chicken in America and Mannequin Girl) at Grub Street, Inc.  Her prose has been called "elegant an
d refreshing", and  “spectacular, clear and evocative.”  Her novel Lonely Specks falls into the genre of literary fiction, is character driven, and has a strong narrative and commercial appeal.  The writing is lean and precise, but not ungenerous. There’s humor layered over deep longing and sadness, blunt honesty, and blunt (but not sensationalistic) accounts of sex. There’s a steady focus on questions of grave importance—when is love good and when is love bad? What does it mean to be crazy? What does it mean to be happy?

Shellie grew up in a small "Stephen Kingesque" town in Maine. She's in her fifties
, has four children, leans to the left, and makes her living as a psychotherapist. She adores the written word, fauvists and expressionists, almost all music, modern dance, alternative cinema, ethnic food, creatures of all sorts and senseless arguing.  Her favorite element is carbon and her favorite superhero is Batman.  She likes to play Scrabble, watch indie films, argue politics and religion, drink single malts and eat things from the sea.  She  packs light, visualizes the end result, sings in a band and parallel parks.  She can't do math, navigate, drive slowly, play chess or  ski.

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