Lonely Specks
                                            about shellie
Born and raised in Rumford, Maine Shellie spent her early years listening to the vivid stories of her mother, a verbose, iconoclastic black Irish woman with a colorful repertoire of shocking "sayings." Her mother's stories of growing up in the depression, the youngest of five sisters of a single mother in potato country, settled someplace deep in her emerging sense of self.  This connection to strong women who were not faint of heart and rose to each and every occasion in their lives, dark or brilliant, made a lasting impact on her--she wanted to carry that torch forward and place it in the hands of her own daughters.  How better to do that than write a novel?

Her father, a prominent French-Canadian and Miq-Maq ski-jumper, ran a small hardware store with his brother.  Despite his prowess on the slopes, he was a quiet and restrained man, made more pronounced against the back-drop of his fiery wife.  Suspended in the dichotomy of these two distinct and strong personalities, Shellie retreated to books, and thus a long and most gratifying relationship with words was born. 

Shellie left Maine in 1978 and attended Boston University where she received a degree in acting.  Naturally she headed to NYC and lived in Brooklyn for 10 years as she pursued a life in the theater.  Ever the practical type, however, she decided at age 28 to get a masters in social work at Hunter College and start a family. She is now a practicing psychotherapist by day, and writer by night and has managed to amass a pile of words that aren't half bad. 

Shellie lives in West Paris, Maine with her musician husband Steven Moore, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 3 chickens, 2 goats and a pig, and her beautiful step daughter, Charlotte. Levon is now 26, Estee 22 and Isobel 19, and have flown the coop. 
Her first novel, Lonely Specks has been published. 

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