Lonely Specks

Dufy is a forty-four year old successful certified nurse midwife who lives in Portland, ME. She is about to leave her family for Alan Harp,  a mentally ill homeless painter. Having been raised by bohemian parents, an abstract expressionist mother and depressed inventor father in Topanga Canyon in the hedonistic seventies, Dufy headed off to the east coast to pursue a career in modern dance.  Now, middle-aged, feeling victim to her own passion, and “raging 40 –something hormones” as her friend Cassie constantly reminds her, Dufy has hit a wall.  When she meets Harp, she quickly rushes in to save him, thereby hoping to redeem herself from a past fraught with loss and remorse.  Although she recognizes the myriad ways in which she is repeating behavior that compromises her integrity (and possibly even safety) she is powerless to liberate herself from “the electrifying” feeling of being with her lover. She gradually becomes ensnared in his disorganized world and barely escapes with her life...
353 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9788008-5-7

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The Treadwell Place

Sydney returns home to her small town in Maine after grad school to try to build bridges in her fractured extended family, but mostly to avoid some tough decisions about her future. While reconnecting with her best friend and cousin Lunette, she is raped by Lunette's boyfriend. She turns to a childhood sweetheart for comfort and ballast, but then discovers his past is besmirched by a heinous crime. Not sure how to proceed she heads to New York City to her old boyfriend's where she hopes to find stability and answers about what it means to embrace adulthood. She doesn't, and decides she must return home and face down her own story...

Back Kingdom

When Liza and Elspeth deKooning wake in the cold Vermont pre-dawn light to their mother’s cataclysmic scream, the 8 year old twins know their lives have changed indelibly and forever.   When their father, Tomas, is buried and all their earthly possessions are tossed into shoe boxes and garbage bags, the twins and their young widowed mother Violet head south to the wealthy suburbs of College Park, MD to stay with their Uncle Doug. Here they encounter the brittle veneer of the noveau riche, their stuck-up cousins and their uncle’s docile wife Kitty.  But here comes their mother’s sister Serena to the rescue. A Wiccan in purple velvet with a past fraught with lengthy visits to the psyche ward. The 4 take off on a sticky September day to manage a B and B in the foothills of Western Maine. Decades later Liza recalls the very difficult and bizarre years of life in the Back Kingdom Road House with her mother, crazy Aunt Serena, and Karl, the quiet stoop-shouldered history teacher across the street who loves both women and happens to bear an eerie resemblance to her dead father. Many vertiginous memories align when Liza returns home…


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